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CXB-12 passive dual coil subwoofer 400W

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Passive subwoofer cabinets in a low profile wooden enclosure. Switchable dual coil design provides 2 x 8 Ohms inputs or 1 x 4 Ohms input options. When switched to dual coil, the 2 inputs can be connected onto 2 satellite speakers to form a 2.1 system. Alternatively, when switched to parallel, the cabinet acts as a 4 Ohms sub, fed only from the "L" input. Can be orientated forward facing for stage work or downward for minimal footprint in installations.
Crossover frequency:180Hz (6dB/oct)
Impedance:2 x 8 Ohms or 1 x 4 Ohms
Input connections:2 x SPK + 2 x pairs binding posts
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