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RTI Cocoon Climate Housing

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Climate housing for all RTI PIKO & RTI NANO systems

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There are areas, where a perfect operating temperature for laser systems cannot be ensured, particularly very hot environments can cause problems. The RTI Cocoon Climate Housing is designed to use different laser systems in such areas. It is equipped with a climate control system, that is able to cool as well as to heat the laser system. Thus it ensures a stable operating temperature.

The system is composed of two components (as conventional air conditioning units): the actual climate housing and an external condenser/compressor unit. The housing is sealed dust- and waterproof according to IP65, the external condenser and compressor unit, at the other hand, is IP54. Therefore it has to be shielded from direct, lasting rainfall and high humidity. The Climate Housing is supplied with a 3m coolant hose. On request, it is also possible to place the condenser unit further from the housing.

With a power consumption at 1,150W and a cooling power of 12,000BTU, the Cocoon is able to pump 3,590W of heat. Operating temperature ranges from -15°C to +50°C. Weight: 55kg.

It must be mounted on a support system (metal plate, concrete base, or similar). Through its mounting bracket the particular laser device is fixed inside the housing.

Dimensions:120 x 105 x 58 cm (L x W x D)
Weight:30 kg

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