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  • Light Bridge One

    AccessoriesVideosSpecifications - High Tech, Portable Triangle Steel Truss system - Extremely strong for heavier loads of lighting (No sagging) - Quick Release pins for easy assembly (no need for clamps) - Mou

  • Floor stand 4 legs black FS4LB

    To turn your PAR can into a floor PAR simply open the floor bracket and fix it to the existing bracket of the PAR can.

  • LTS-6 lighting stand

    SPECIFICATIONS - This low cost, Black tripod stand is ideal for hanging several types of par cans or pin spots - Extends up to 2,7m - Easily fold up for transport and is ideal for mobile DJs or small stage productions - LTS-

  • TV Adapter (35mm)

    TV Spigot adapter for ST-132 and ST-157. Fits ST-132 (35mm) to adapt a TV-Spigot with 28mm standart. Heavy steel with 2 security screws.

  • Truss Adapter 35mm

    Truss Adapter for ST-157 lifter and for Wind Up Stand ST-132.Truss adapter for 35mm (3/8") Stands.

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