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  • EZ-BAG

    The EZ-BAG is an all-weather cover for the EZGO system. It is designed to protect the EZGO in transit and use.

  • WLA Fly Frame

    The WLA Fly Frame is custom designed to hold up to 12 WLA-12 line array elements safely, with a generous design factor of 5.7. Constructed from tubular steel, with heavy duty welding, the WLA Fly Frame gives you peace-of-mind and is an excellent, easy to

  • WPB-3

    The WPB-3 is equipped for use with the Wharfedale Pro Titan 8 and Titan 8A MKII, its maneuverability means it can be placed high and low on walls and still project its sound directly at the audience.

  • WPB-4

    Optimum Positioning, Secure and Safe

  • WPB-5

    The WPB-5 is attached to an appropriate mounting surface using any suitable combination of the 10 mounting points that are provided. Your loudspeaker is then attached to the bracket using 4 threaded inserts. A WPB-5 provides secure and versatile mounting

  • Titan Tourbag

    As the name suggests, the Wharfedale Pro Titan Tourbag is for touring musicians, mobile DJs and any professional sound engineer and artist looking to protect their valuable Wharfedale Pro loudspeakers. Made with a durable, waterproof padded mesh nylon mat

  • WLA-28 Fly Frame

    The WLA-28 Fly Frame is designed specifically for the WLA-28 and WLA-15B. The frame is the easiest and safest way to rig your WLA system and is capable of rigging a total of 8 x WLA-28 and 1 x WLA-15B, or 12 x WLA-28. Combined with the advanced locking-pi

  • Isoline Tourbags

    Isoline active column speaker systems are the latest in portable PA solutions from Wharfedale Pro. Completely active, without the need for amplifiers, and utilising the latest column, slimline formation they're perfect for when space is tight, and are eas

  • WPB-T8

    The WPB-T8 is an installation U-Bracket specifically engineered for Titan 8 Active & Passive loudspeakers. Constructed from steel the WPB-T8 is safe and secure. It is easy to install and offers multiple adjustment angles. Available in black or white finis

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