Beam Effects and Centrepieces

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  • Fusion Saber Twin Beam

    This compact moving head from Equinox is loaded with 24W of LED output power. Each face of the head has a 12W CREE quad-colour (RGBW) LED engine to create superb beam effects. Due to its unique twin face design the fixture creates continuous tumbling effe

  • Onyx

    The Equinox Onyx is a fast moving beam effect featuring flashing and sweeping beams of light from its twin bars of RGBW LEDs. This compact fixture houses 8 x 3W RGBW LEDs each with a narrow 3.4° beam angle that projects across rooms and dance floors with

  • Slender Beam Centrepiece (White Housing)

    With six heads fixed to a compact housing, the Slender Beam Centrepiece may look like a traditional centrepiece but in fact is a super fast coloured beam moving head effect. This cutting edge fixture creates a stunning focal point that only LEDs can deliv

  • Fusion Razor Beam

    The Fusion Razor Beam utilises 3 x 12W quad-colour LEDs to produce intense razor sharp beams. The compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and installation. A 4 push button LED menu allows for easy access to the functions including DM

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